The Wiggles Showbag


The Wiggles Showbag

Hot Potato Hot Potato! Toot-Toot-Chugga Chugga-Choo-Choo-Choose The Wiggles Musical showbag with everything Wiggly fans need to start their own band. Packed into a Woven Wiggley Carry Bag is a Stage Curtain, Inflatable Guitar & Saxaphone, Microphone, Wiggles Projector Torch & an Educational Wiggles Puzzle.

What's Included:

1 x   The Wiggles Woven Carry Bag

1 x   The Wiggles Stage Curtain

1 x   The Wiggles Inflatable Guitar

1 x   The Wiggles Inflatable Saxaphone

1 x   The Wiggles Microphone

1 x   The Wiggles Projector Torch

1 x   The Wiggles Educational Puzzle

The Wiggles