So Soap DIY - Single Pack


So Soap DIY - Single Pack

Make your own frosted soap with a collectible character topper! It's *So Frosted, So Fun!*.

This kit comes with everything you need...just add water! First mix up the cream *frosting*.

Fill the frosting bag and add the frosting tip. Swirl the cream onto the scented soap base.

Then add sprinkle decorations and the cute character topper! Which colors, scent, and character will you get?!?

6 Different characters to collect.collect all the styles...flamingo, unicorn, octopus, llama, panda, and narwhal.

Each kit includes;

1 x Character Topper

1 x Scented Soap

1  x Cream Powder

1 x  Frosting Bag

1  x Frosting Tip

1  x Bag of Decorative Sprinkles

1  x Measuring Spoon, and Instructions


Products are sold separately and come in various designs. We cannot guarantee which design you will receive as products are selected at random for online orders.