Pixar Showbag


Pixar Showbag

Celebrate Disney Pixar's Toy Story, Cars, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, Up, The Incredibles with this Action packed Pixar Showbag featuring all your Pixar favourites. Cool Pixar Backpack, Pixar Projector Torch, Bubble Blaster Giant Pixar Inflatable Hammer, a Sky Disk Launcher, Pixar Bubble Stickers all packed to perfection in a Pixar Woven Bag



What's Included:


1 x Pixar Backpack

1 x Pixar Projector Torch

1 x Pixar Bubble Blaster

1 x Pixar Giant Inflatable Hammer

1 x Pixar Sky Disk Launcher

1 x Pixar Bubble Stickers

1 x Pixar Woven Bag







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