Sensory Showbag


Sensory Showbag

Sensory Showbag has an assortment of Awesome ASMR Sensory & Fabulous Fidget Toys sure to provide hours of therapeutic play  & tactile entertainment for kids young & old.

What's Included:

1 x  Glow In The Dark Hexagon Pop It            

1 x  Cosmic Infinity Cube     

1 x  3D Rainbow Pin Art        

1 x  Glitter Wand 90cm                       

1 x  Squeeze Stick It Stress Fidget 

1 x  Rainbow Slinky Spring  

1 x  Peas In The Pod  Squeezy             

1 x  Squishy Stretchy Sausage   

1 x Wacky Tracks Snap & Click

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