Invert FS1.5 Chevron Purple Stunt Scooter

$99.00 Regular price $149.00
Rip up the skatepark and destroy the competition on the Invert FS 1.5 Chevron Stunt Scooter - Purple. The Invert FS 1.5 contains all the elements of a quality Stunt Scooter. The stunning design with Holographic wheels makes this model standout in the crowd. For gaining confidence and mastering new tricks at the skatepark, this stunt scooter features a new 110m x 495mm Alu angled deck with front and rear deck inserts & 25mm grind rails which is lighter than previous generations. The details are what make this scooter! It features a two-bolt handlebar clamp, 110mm PC core wheels with holographic stickers and 86A high rebound tyres. These wheels are coupled with quality ABEC 7 bearings, matte black hi-ten steel 'T' handlebar with 165mm grips, slim stack IHC headset, a brand new reinforced steel fork with cutouts and a composite rear brake.
  • Boxed deck with wide grind rails
  • 110mm Holographic Core wheels
  • 110-120mm wheel compatible
  • Smooth slim stack headset
  • 165mm marble grips
  • IHC compression system
  • Front deck insert