Miko 3 Interactive AI Learning Robot Blue

by Miko

Ridiculously Smart. Seriously Fun.

Artificial Intelligence. Genuine friendship.


Miko 3: Ai-Powered Smart Robot for Kids - STEM Learning & Educational Robot 

A study buddy that’s game for anything. Discover the little robot captivating kids globally.

Miko’s got dozens of emotions (and a few tricks up its sleeve). Not just recognising you and calling you by name, but responding to your mood and getting to know you a little better each day.

Need a joke when you’re down? A dance when you’re bored? Miko’s on it. Because it’s not just the smartest little robot you’ll ever meet. It’s also your friend.

Emotions. Powered by deep learning AI, Miko knows how to connect with kids. It’s curious, expressive, and surprisingly empathetic.

Behaviour. By better understanding a kid’s developmental phases Miko can help kids accelerate learning and increase intelligence.

Adaptive. Miko understands there’s a lot to learn. So the more you hang out with Miko, the more Miko gets to know you.

Experience the power of playful learning with Miko 3.


Game for anything

Miko’s constantly exploring for fun, prompting you to play, and encouraging you to challenge your brain.

Teaching & Learning

Miko keeps you on your toes with new content and capabilities automatically added every month. It’s an ever-evolving experience, as Miko grows up right along with you.


We’re very serious about security. A closed system with enhanced end-to-end encryption ensures that every byte of your data is protected.

Study Buddy

Miko 3 makes learning fun and easy with its super-powered brain and supportive personality. Housing a wide range of academic opportunities and an integrated learning platform that offers access to live classes from educators around the world, Miko is a healthy gateway to what technology has to offer.

Screentime Evolved

Miko 3 was designed with a more expansive touchscreen, creating a healthy alternative to playtime on phones and tablets. Seamless video chat allows Miko to keep kids and parents connected.

Integrated Learning

Miko 3 engages kids with a huge range of academic topics, including instruction in multiple languages. Plus, with Mikode, kids have access to coding lessons that teach them how to write their own programs to control Miko.

Rolls with the Punches

With a shell of ABS Polymer, Miko is tougher than it looks. Thoughtfully engineered to be impact-resistant, non-toxic, and built to last

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